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CPR Marketing Systems |

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is all about making the best use of modern tools, programming those tools to perform the marketing tasks that will best increase your results & allowing actual, effective marketing to work on your behalf – behind the scenes.

Automating the processes that most sales professionals or small businesses cannot accomplish because they require too much time, money or human power.

“It’s almost business malpractice to not have Marketing Automation as a part of your business plan.”

CPR Marketing is a Marketing Automation specialist.  The very word “Systems” is in our name because we use automation to create systems that really work behind the scenes to help you build your business faster, cheaper and with less daily effort on your part.






































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Marketing in Motion (VIDEO)

Gone are the days of stale text and graphics on a web site or advertisement.  Today’s consumer requires 3 things from anyone who seeks to earn their business:

Connection: The only “brand” that today’s consumer is interested in is the “who” behind the logo.  They want a face and a personality to adhere to.  No matter how big your brand or slick your look, consumers want a taste of who they will be doing business with before they decide to buy.

Engagement: Static text on a page is not engaging.  At one point it was, but today’s consumer requires more, they require motion.  In marketing, Motion is not merely movement, it’s movement with a compelling purpose.  Consumers what to be engaged by what they see, hear and feel.

Education: The modern consumer rewards the sales professional or small business that is willing to invest in educating them about how to solve their immediate problems.  It is no longer an option for business professionals to simply pitch and close.  Giving your prospect a glimpse of your industry:  The pitfalls, the struggles, the good, the bad and the ugly!  Most of all, give them understanding of how to solve their problems and you will get the sale.

CPR Marketing believes that there is simply no better way to deliver these three key requirements than through online video.

Connection – Engagement – Education

All delivered automatically (see Marketing Automation) to enhance the prospect’s experience with you the business professional, close the sale and create a raving fan who refers more business your way.

Afraid of Video?

Don’t sweat it!  There is NO OTHER company that is making video marketing for business easier to use.  You don’t even have to be on video.  CPR Marketing’s video creation systems are unique to anyone in the marketing world.  We’re not talking about screen shot videos from a computer or commercial style videos with professional actors.  In our video creation systems, we feature the sales professional without requiring them to be on video or ever talk to a camera.


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Marketing Syndication


When you syndicate, you broadcast your message through multiple channels all at once to reach the largest possible target audience.

Posting a valuable piece of news on a blog will reach those who have subscribed or follow that blog.

Automatically pushing that blog post to 25 other blogs will reach 25 other groups of people who are interested in what you have to say.

Then… what if that very same blog post was automatically pushed to several social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn or others.

Your Company

So how does your company use syndication?  Let’s say you own a real estate brokerage.  You want to offer a special value to top agents that you are attempting to recruit to your company.

Offer them their very own custom website.  (Not bad)

Then let them know that you will post valuable content to that website once a week on their behalf.  (Better)

Then inform them that their entire marketing list will receive automatic notifications of that posted content and link them back to their website to see it.  (Much better)

Then shock them by letting them know that they will be able to post to their own site any time by sending a simple email and their entire marketing list will be notified again.   (Freaky good)

How much easier is it for you to recruit top agents if they know you will help them to connect, engage and educate their marketing list every single week and they’ll get all the credit?

CPR Marketing uses advanced technology that creates these systems and allows you to send one simple email that will be syndicated through multiple channels of marketing to reach a larger number of interested people.  No one else offers these tools in the same way.




















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